Interior Art Consulting

Interior Art Consulting Services

WRAPPED Studios’ interior design art consulting specialists can assist you in seeking to utilize skills to enhance and beautify a corporate, commercial, hospitality, or residential environment. High-profile clientele from across the globe has worked with our advisory team, including royalty and renowned art collectors as well as experts representing some of the world’s most luxurious homes. Our staff has always given professional advice that has left clients completely satisfied.


You can trust our consultants to help you:

In your business headquarters, make a good impression on potential customers, investors, and workers.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal and personalize its interior space to your precise requirements to attract better quality tenants to your multifamily residential property.

A more personal guest experience will encourage return business, and a more soothing healthcare setting will promote better recovery. You will also reap the proven stress-relieving and creativity-boosting advantages of art in your hotel or hospitality facility.

Our interior design art-consulting experts serve corporate, private, multifamily hotel, and institutional customers. Each time, our experts strive to develop a thorough and nuanced knowledge of your home, its aesthetic characteristics, and the mood you are trying to create.

From there, we will be able to provide suggestions on ways to improve the look and feel of the area. Our talented in-house artists will guide your project after you have decided on a direction. They will create beautiful final goods of the like you would find in a museum or gallery.

Our previous projects are available for viewing if you would like a sample of the kind of work we perform.

Set up a private consultation with a professional interior designer art consultant now.

WRAPPED Studios’ excellent work offers you at below-market rates, which will surprise you. This is possible because of our distinct business strategy.

In-house resources and skills have allowed us to execute every stage of the production process from our facility in Venice, California. As a result, you avoid paying markup or intermediaries, resulting in significant savings.


With the help of interior design, houses nowadays are more comfortable, appealing, and plentiful than they were in earlier eras. Designers are encouraged to use their imagination and ingenuity to create attractive and valuable environments.

As the interior design business soars, you may find yourself needing assistance in completing well-articulated projects. You should utilize the following services in your interior design company.



Restoration and home décor retailers

When it comes to decorating and designing, you will need a materials supplier for your interior design company to rely on. Vases, furniture, paintings, wallpapers, flowers, and other trendy home décor items will need to provide someone else. Consider building trust with these merchants to keep your company running smoothly and receive the most refined home decor.

General construction, carpentry, painting, plastering, and other do-it-yourself tasks are all included in interior design projects. You provide demolish old home structures or install new fixtures depending on your customers’ requirements. Restoring ancient art and buildings may also be part of the design.

Services such as vlogging, web design, and content production

There is a big gap in today’s world where most people utilize the internet and social media. If your emphasis is on interior design, you may want to think about hiring a social media marketer who is also a content producer and vlogger. You will be able to reach a larger audience this way, which will result in more revenue for you. Display your work using blogs and videos and allow your intended audience to make the final decision.

How can you market your services to potential customers if you do not have an online presence? If you do not have one, you are wasting your time trying to incorporate new technologies into your company. To keep your website up to date as your interior design business grows, you will need to hire a web developer. The website plays a vital role in showing off your work, portfolio, and offerings.

Interior Art Consulting

Furniture refurbishing and junkyard services

In the process of reimagining your customers’ rooms, you will have to deal with disposing of old, worn-out, or broken furniture. You will enjoy the support of a junkyard service that acquires and sells used office and home furnishings and fittings to individuals who need them. Consider keeping a junkyard service provider at the ready if you want to keep your goods moving through the market.

Certain pieces of furniture are simple for specific customers to get rid of. Despite this, many people will wish to keep their old furniture. Instead of throwing away broken or worn-out pieces, you will need to engage with a furniture refurbishment business to fix them for some of your customers. Consider hiring a remodeling firm that handles all of your home’s fixtures and furnishings to make things simpler.


Logistics services and moving companies

If you work as an interior designer, you will be expected to make purchases for your customers’ projects as well. Your company’s primary goal should be to be well organized and well planned. There is no better method than using an interior design receiving warehouse to handle all of your logistics.

Take comfort in working on your projects, knowing that your purchases are being received, stored in immaculate conditions, sent to your customers’ locations or your office, and even installed by the business. It has all taken care of! By delegating some of these tasks, you will have more time to focus on your interior design projects and your business.

A moving business may be helpful if you are planning a kitchen makeover, a bathroom improvement, or even an interior design job that involves the whole home. You do not have to worry about running out of room if you ask the movers to transfer some of your belongings to a self-storage facility beforehand.


Roofing services

A leaky roof and unsightly black streaks on the ceiling will immediately harm the interior appearance of a house or business. It is not your job to figure out if the roof has been damaged or not, but working with an established roofer keeps your project on track. It will spare you and your customer the hassle of having to redo the project before its projected lifetime expires if you fix the roof’s issues first.


There is no such thing as an island company. You will need industry partners to assist you in providing high-quality services and streamline the procedure. For your company’s long-term success, consider forming a relationship with one of the companies listed above.



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