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Active Care Physical Therapy is a medical group with 2 locations in Dover, New Jersey. There are six medical professionals specialized in physical therapy that are listed as members of the medical group. Physical therapists, physical therapists, specialists are medical taxonomies covered by Active Care PT.

Active Care is a private ambulatory clinic focused on manual treatments and rehabilitation in sports. We offer a comprehensive treatment strategy and create customized practice prescriptions for each patient. We provide the most advanced therapies, including joint mobilizations, kinesiological tapping, Pilates-based education, and functional training.

Active Care Physical Therapy

Active Care offers state-of-the-art physical treatment to improve function, restore mobility, and improve your overall standard of living.

Services We Offer

Expert treatment for sports or work-related injuries such as back and neck issues, muscles, automotive accidents, pediatric orthopedics, chronic pain, disorders of balance, and back pain linked to pregnancy.

We are committed to the newest chiropractic techniques and treatments. Our objective is to provide a pleasant and professional environment you may depend on for all your chiropractic requirements. Without our employees, we could not be the office we are. They constantly assist patients by providing them with the necessary knowledge to make the correct choice. Our experts will discuss all choices and what to anticipate. You are here to answer your inquiries and respond to your concerns. It is their objective to offer you every time you come through our doors a pleasant experience. Said, they’re excellent at what they do!

Rehab Services

We are your destination for ambulatory rehabilitation services. May our skilled and compassionate staff help you feel great again! Our services include ambulatory PT, ambulatory occupational therapy, hand therapy, and home therapy. Physical Therapy Fort Lee


Let us teach you activities to keep you healthy after completing your ambulatory treatment with us. Get assistance in the areas of shoulders, knees, and other problems.

Where People Come First

The patient comes first in Advance PT. We listen to your requirements and issues and find the most satisfactory solutions.

Skillful Physical Therapists

Our therapists have been experts in the field for many years, and their knowledge and attention address your physical problems.


  • One of the most popular body sections for PT in patients is the spine, especially the lumbar spine or the lower back. The lower backside problems vary from muscular strain to discord to stenosis.
  • It would be best not to experience the problems created by physical limits in an ideal world.
  • When a physical condition keeps you away from what you love, we understand that you want to live on your terms again.
  • You are more than a patient at Advanced PT; you are part of the community where we live and work.
  • You can rely on us to do our best to help you live in your best physical condition and to be a reliable source for all mobility needs.


We think that the most excellent approach to help you live best is through compassionate treatment, via one-on-one sessions without rushed. By taking the time to meet you and your story, your therapist will create a customized treatment plan that meets your requirements.


With the in-house treatments and access to our app, you can go back to the healthiest version of yourself via at-home exercises, speak with your therapist between sessions, and have the know-how and support you need to remain there.


You’re more than a patient at Advanced PT; you’re part of the community where we live and work. We appreciate you as a patient, from our courteous personnel to comfortable treatment rooms. You can rely on us to do all we can to help you live your best.

Types of Treatment

The first step on your recovery route is to locate the appropriate therapy.

Our clients should not have to face the problems that physical constraints cause in an ideal society. We understand how you feel like you have a medical ailment that prevents you from loving things. You don’t have to surmount anything on your own. Get back to what you love with Advanced PT’s highly educated therapists with pitiful one-on-one attention.

Orthopedic Manual PT

We at Advanced PT specialize in orthopedic treatment, non-operative and post-operative. Our physical therapists are industry leaders and are experts certified by the board. More significantly, with customized programs for each patient, we adapt our knowledge to suit your health requirements and objectives.

How Orthopedic Manual PT Works

Our team focuses on preventing, detecting, evaluating, minimizing, and repairing pain and dysfunction due to acute or chronic musculoskeletal disability via Orthopedic Manuel PT. This covers both post-operative and non-operative conditions. The objective of therapy is to achieve optimum health and function via a range of treatments to reduce pain, discomfort, and orthopedic disabilities.

Chronic Pain

While acute pain is a natural nervous system feeling to warn you of potential injuries and the need to take Care of yourself, chronic pain is different. Chronic pain continues. Pain signals continue to linger for weeks, months, or even years in the nerve system.

Massage Therapy

You will be on a journey towards improved overall health in the hands of a qualified massage therapist, including reducing tension and worry, relaxing nerves, and finding relief from general discomfort. The aim is to assist you in enjoying doing the things you love!

Pelvic Floor Therapy

One-third of adult women suffer from a collection of clinical disorders, including urine and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic discomfort, with pelvic floor dysfunction. The national economic burden for pelvic floor disorders in terms of loss of productivity is growing significantly with the increasing aging population.

Pediatric Therapy

The pediatric physical therapists at Advanced PT are committed to enhancing our patient’s and families’ quality of life. Our therapists concentrate on personalized, customized attention to optimize patient growth and function – and we also make sure that your kid enjoys the journey!

Final Thought

Active Care is specialized in the most acceptable treatment of rehabilitation and PT in sports. Weekend warriors, regular athletes, and athletes all need careful instruction, personalized evaluation, and unique hands-on training. Learn more about our rehabilitation and Physical Therapy services for sports.




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